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            With every dawn a new path is found...

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            Mailing Address; 201 King St London ON N6A 1C9

            Camp Location; 433 Thompson Road W Waterford ON N0E 1Y0

            Camp Dawn will be held on June 11th, 2022 as a one-day event! Don’t worry! It will still be rocking awesome!

            Camper applications are now on the site on the camper page. Leader applications are now on the leader page!


            2022 IN PERSON PROGRAM

            Our single day IN PERSON program will be posted here before you can say “camp fire!”


            JOIN US AT CAMP DAWN


            We will see you IN PERSON on June 11th for a full day of Camp Dawn.



            Click on the leader link on top to find your 2022 leader application. Don’t forget to include your medical and vaccine form.

            We will see you on June 11th!

            Transportation from London, Hamilton and Sarnia Ontario to and from Camp Dawn. Campers and leaders from other areas are able to drive up to camp. 

            As we are a charity, we are funded by sponsorship, donations and fundraising to keep our camper fees to a minimum. As costs rise, so do our fees. This year, the fee for single day Camp Dawn is $80.


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